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The KAT Studio

Refund Policy
Full refunds will be given with a 14-day notice of plan changes. We have limited spots available for these programs and many families rely on care during these times. We need time to notify our waitlist that a spot has come available and therefore no refunds will be given less that 14 days before the date of care.

Snack and Lunches
Our studio works hard to be an inclusive space, and this includes allergy sensitivities for our full-day programs. Please send school safe food with your child. We do not allow nuts during program.


Please monitor your child’s health before sending them to program. We care about each child’s safety and well-being and want everyone to stay healthy. If your child starts to show signs of illness while in our care we will notify you right away, and a plan will be put into place for the best care for your child. We do not offer refunds for days your child has to miss.

Disruptive Behaviour
We want every child to enjoy their time at our studio, and to feel safe and at ease. We will not tolerate aggressive or harmful behaviour and will ask parents to pick up their child right away if this becomes an issue. After a discussion we will determine if your child can return. No refunds will be given in this case.

PA Day & Camp Policies

Party Policies

Party Plan
Each party we plan is customized towards the birthday child. We will ask you what your child’s interests are and create an art-based party plan around those interests. This plan will be prepared within 3 days after details are shared with us. We will then send you our party plan for your approval.

Payment Plan
A $50 deposit is required after the party plan is approved to book your party date and time. We will not hold the date until the deposit is received. The remainder of the payment due will be expected prior to party start time on the day of the party. We only charge for the children that attend the party, and the birthday child is free!

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