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The KAT Studio

Who is KAT?

Shelley Willdig, RECE

Program Director

I have been working in the childcare field for over 15 years and have spent much of my time in the Kinder and School-Age programs. Art and sensory are my favourite and I love all the ways in which children can explore, learn, and grow while using their creative imaginations!

As the creator of KAT I am so excited to get to know more children and families in our community and to inspire a love for art. With a safe environment for cognitive and emotional growth, my hope is to run a program that feels inclusive and inviting, where we can dive into our strengths and honour our insecurities. We all need a positive outlet and art is a great resource for that!

Kids Art Talks is a safe and welcoming environment where all children can find joy in art. Our team of Early Childhood Educators is dedicated to creating a positive and nurturing space that encourages children to explore their creativity while having fun. We believe every child has a unique artistic talent that should be nurtured, and we strive to help children realize their full potential. We offer age-appropriate classes and materials, so your child can create art that is as unique as they are.

Kids Art Talks

The KAT Studio

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